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 Project Kids Committee 2015

 Project Kids 1
About Project Kids
Project Kids is a community study group that meets for a set period of time to review the facility needs of the district along with the financial and instructional impact of those new facilities. The Board of Trustees appointed the Project Kids 2015 Committee in November and the group's first meeting was on December 9.
Project Kids History
The Project Kids Committee helped form the Allen ISD bond proposals in 1995, 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2008. Here is a summary of the former Project Kids Committee work and outcomes:  Project Kids History Report.
Project Kids 2015
The 2015 Project Kids Committee reviewed five key facility areas including: Lowery Freshman Center, expansion of Allen High School, elementary school renovations, possible construction of an 18th elementary school and improvements/additions to safety, security, transportation and technology. The district is also interested in placing emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs as we look at new or renovated secondary facilities.
Project Kids Committee Details
The committee began work in December 2014 and concluded their work in April 2015.  Meetings were held on the following dates:
December 9  
January 13 
January 27
February 17
March 3
April 7
April 21 (Final Meeting)
For More Information
For more information contact Dr. Maroba Zoeller, Chief Governmental Relations Officer, at 972-236-0618 or email
Meeting Notes 
 December 9, 2014 Meeting 1 Task Cycle
  PowerPoint Presentation 
 Demographic Presentation
 Project Kids History Summary
 Likes & Wishes List
 Shared Values
 Finance Comparison of Area School Districts 
 Committee Questions & Answers
 January 13, 2015Meeting 2 Task Cycle
 PowerPoint Presentation 
 Committee Questions and Answers 
January 27, 2015Meeting 3 Task Cycle 
 Facilities Tour Schedule
 Rountree Elementary Renovation Photos
 February 17, 2015Meeting 4 Task Cycle
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Likes & Wishes
 Committee Questions & Answers
 Allen ISD Computers
 March 3, 2015Meeting 5 Task Cycle
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Likes and Wishes
 Committee Questions & Answers
 March 24, 2015Meeting 6 Task Cycle
 Demographic Presentation (3-16-15)
 Finance and Bond Capacity Report 3-23-15 
  Committee Questions & Answers 
 Bond Scenario $334 M
 April 7, 2015Meeting 7 Task Cycle
 April 21, 2015 Final Presentation To Board of Trustees
 June 22, 2015 Board calls Bond Election & Bond Proposal Projects 
 April 11, 2017 Project Kids Update For Committee