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 Allen ISD: Where Eagles Soar
 District of Innovation
A district of innovation is a concept passed by the 84th Legislature in House Bill 1842, effective immediately. The law allows traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas' open enrollment charter schools. To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan as set for in the Texas Education Code chapter 12A.
                                                                                              Texas Administrative 
Meeting Date               Minutes            Presentation                  Code LIP
    July 19                        Minutes               Overview                          Checklist 
    Aug. 10                       Minutes               Approved Innovation Plan
   Sept. 13                      Minutes                 Powerpoint Presentation
Board of Trustees Documents
Board Letter to Texas Education Agency Commissioner

May 2

Board Workshop - Overview presentation of District of Innovation

May 11

Scheduled DIPC Meeting - Overview Presentation of District of Innovation

May 16

Board adopts Resolution; public hearing; votes to develop Local Innovation Plan (LIP)/delegates authority to Superintendent to appoint Committee

June 6

Superintendent reports names of Local Innovation Committee Members (LIC) (Strategic Plan Team, Project Kids, other)

June 15

Cabinet team meets to discuss LIP

July 19

Workshop Meeting of Local Innovation Committee to identify possible areas for exemptions and begin development of LIC comprehensive plan

July 25

Board update from Local Innovation Committee. Board provides input

Aug. 10

Local Innovation Committee meeting to further develop Local Innovation Plan

Sept. 13

Scheduled DIPC meeting- LIC/DIPC joint meeting to approve and pass Local Innovation Plan by majority vote

Sept. 26

Board Meeting - LIC presents LIP to Board; Board votes to notify Commissioner of Board intention to vote on adopting LIP Approved Innovation Plan

Oct. -Nov.

LIP Posted on District Website for 30 days

November 28

Board meeting - Board votes on LIP (2/3 vote required)