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Financial Transparency 

Allen ISD believes in providing our taxpayers with clear and relevant financial information. As part of AISD’s efforts to increase the level of transparency and engagement, the District is committed to providing essential financial information and data on District revenues, expenditures, tax rates, cost drivers, and comparative data. We are committed to providing this financial information in a format that is transparent, easily accessible, and understandable.

Allen ISD received the prestigious Platinum Award in 2015. This Award from the Texas Comptroller recognizes
school districts that meet the highest standards in providing financial transparency.
   Horiz Platinum
Budget Reports and Financial Statements

The 2016/2017 fiscal budget was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 22, 2016.  A summary of the budget is included below.

Budget book cover
Budget book cover 2015-16 Budget Cover
 Budget Book Archive
Traditional Finance Summary
Audited Financial

2016-2017 Budget Book 


2011-2012 Budget Book


5-Year Summary: Total Expenditures, Total Revenues, Property Tax Revenues & Total FTEs 


2015-2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

 2014-15 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2013-2014 Audited Financial Statements
 2012-2013 Audited Financial Statements
 2011-2012 Audited Financial Statements
2010-2011 Audited Financial Statements 
2009-2010 Audited Financial Statements
2008-2009 Audited Financial Statements
2007-2008 Audited Financial Statements 
2006-2007 Audited Financial Statements 
2005-2006 Audited Financial Statements 

Bond Information 

 Check Registers


HB 1378 Debt Obligation Reporting  

 Allen ISD Check Registers

Board of Trustees Team of 8 
Public Information Request Procedures 
Landowner's Bill of Rights 
For more information about Financial Transparency in Government: Texas Comptroller